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Many people don't know they are grinding their teeth.  Dr. Grant will examine your entire mouth to determine if you need a bite splint.

Damage Caused by Teeth Grinding

~ Chipped teeth/enamel

~ Flattened, grooved, worn-down teeth

~ Cracked teeth

~ Loosened teeth

~ Periodontal (gum) problems

~ Damage to bridges or dental implants

Symptoms of Grinding

~ A sore, tired jaw

~ Sensitive teeth

~ Loose teeth

~ Dull headaches

~ Neck aches

~ Clicking sounds when you open your mouth

Bite Splint/Night Guard

Wearing a bite splint can help protect your teeth from damage due to grinding/bruxism or clenching.  Because many people need to wear one at night, a mouth guard is sometimes called a night guard.  The guard is custom-made out of acrylic.  It may fit over your top or bottom teeth.